Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges


We are wine lovers who don’t like to waste and often feel wasteful because we can’t finish a whole bottle of wine. The BLUE FLAG brand was created with the intention of enjoying more delicious wine without wasting it. Our Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges are the perfect solution to this problem, allowing you to store your unused wine today in Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges and not have it spoil tomorrow, the next day, or even weeks from now.

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No need to worry about the taste, color, or odor of the wine getting affected once the seal is opened. Now, you can have the same taste each time you drink, days after you have opened the bottle. Get the Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges and preserve your wine.

Maintain the integrity of wine by creating a super air seal over its surface! Save your money along with the awesome quality of your wine with the help of Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges. Being a bit heavier than air, Argon settles on the surface of the wine, maintaining a tough shield impenetrable to the air.

Unmatched Preservation
Blue Flag argon gas capsules preserve the flavor, color, and aroma of your wine for up to 4 weeks, the last glass tastes just as good as the first.

Black Seal Cap
Blue Flag argon gas cartridges are compatible with Coravin Wine Preservation Systems and each argon gas cartridge with a black sealing cap to ensure a perfect fit with the Coravin wine preservation System without leaking, giving you a perfect experience every time.

Each Blue Flag argon gas cartridge enables you to pour up 15, 5 oz. glasses of wine. Used many times, good value for money.

100% Food-Grade Argon
Blue Flag Argon Gas Capsules go through a proprietary two-stage deep cleaning process and are filled in a medical standard environment to guarantee purity from start to finish and no impact on the taste of your wine.

Weight 1.97 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 7.32 × 3.78 in

Super Sealed Preservation

Once you have opened the bottle and sealed it afterward with a lid along with the Argon gas, the wine will stay in its pristine state for around 4 weeks. So, next time when you come home after a tiring day at the office, your mood booster will be in an energized state. Just pour in a glass and enjoy the same taste for the entire day or the coming week.

Not just the taste, but the Argon gas also protects the aroma and color of the wine. You just have to add the Argon gas into the bottle carefully. Blue Flag produces Argon Gas Cartridges of 6.5g (0.23oz). The volume of the cartridges is enough to secure the taste of wine for 15, 5 oz. Wine glasses.

Argon Gas Cartridges
Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges


Pouring the perfect volume of Argon into a wine bottle is a bit of a tough task. However, there are systems that make it easy for you. One of those systems is the Coravin Wine Preservation Systems. It precisely seals the bottle and keeps the wine fresh for a long time. Fortunately, the Blue Flag Argon Gas Cartridges are compatible with the Coravin Wine Preservation Systems.

These systems can be easily attached to the wine bottles and can be used to drill a hole in the wine bottle along with sealing it tightly. The use of this system on top of the wine bottle ensured zero leakage and controlled dispensing of wine. Hence, no wastage, no spills, and no bad odor or taste.

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