Blue Flag 580g Whipped Cream Chargers


High Capacity – BLUE FLAG Whipped Cream Charger is a cylinder with a volume of 580 grams of pure, unadulterated Nitrous Oxide gas. It has larger amounts of gas streamlining the refilling process so it is more efficient and versatile to use.

Use the exact amount of Nitrous Oxide gas according to what is needed – Attach a pressure regulator to the canister and measure the needed gas for each use, so over or under usage will be minimized.

Sturdy and Secure – This can be attached to a wall with a wall frame to ensure that there is no knocking over or spills. No worries about wastage.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

One of the best benefits of the BF580g N2O Cylinder is its efficiency. Being the one in all products, the N2O Cylinder can be attached to the pressure regulators to check the pressure of the gas and used as required. The controlled dispensing of the N2O gas allows you to serve more people and save money in the long term.

Large volumes of cream
The volume of the Blue Flag cylinder is 580 g which allows you to produce around 36 liters of whipped cream, which is massive. You can easily host house parties and make your guests feel welcome with exquisitely decorated desserts and drinks. If we go by the glass count, it can easily produce 144 cups of whipped cream with ease.

Widely compatible design
The coolest thing about the cylinder is that it is compatible with a wide range of cream whippers on the market. So, you no longer have to worry about the brand of your whipper. As long as it has the right thread, it will work like a charm. It is easy to be used with brands like iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Liss, and many others. You need to note that the pressure-controlling valve does not come with the cylinder. It needs to be bought separately.

Easy purchase
Though the BF580g N2O Cylinder is perfect in all ways, if you find any issue with it, you can tell us, and we will assist you within 24 hours.

Better Whipping than Traditional Methods!
The Blue Flag BF580g N2O Cylinder is perfect for those who want to get better whipping results without using any kind of cream chargers. The fixed volume of nitrogen oxide gas per liter of volume allows you to whip cream easily and efficiently. There will be no lumps, and the cream will be light and fluffy, just the way you want it. Thus, it surpasses the performance of traditional methods like hand whipping.

Weight 4.55 lbs
Dimensions 12.83 × 3.23 × 3.11 in

2-Packs, 4-Packs, 6-Packs

Pure and Fresh Cream

Blue Flag ensures that no matter how much volume of whipped cream you dispense, it is thick and pure. As our N2O cylinder does not have any seams and the production process is fairly unique, the produced cream will not have any kind of bad odor, aftertaste, or impurities.

The body of the cylinder is made from pure stainless steel. Some of you may be worried about hygiene here; you don’t have to. The stainless steel is recyclable and is thoroughly cleaned in proprietary facilities, leading to zero metal fragments or other substances. On top of this, there are no oily surfaces whatsoever on the cylinder body.

Further, the volume of the cylinder is enough to produce around 500-1000 ml of whipped cream.

580g cream charger
580g cream charger

Sturdy Design

Being made of 100% stainless steel, the Blue Flag 580g N2O Cylinder has a super sturdy design. The metal structure has a stable bottom so that you can easily place it on a horizontal structure and use it. Not only this but the cylinder can also be attached to the wall frame so that there is no accidental spilling.

The design of the cylinder also shows utility in the dispensing of whipped cream. To ensure zero wastage, a pressure regulator can be attached to the cylinder, and the exact amount of gas can be measured and used. The use of exact amounts of gas ensures that there is no wastage whatsoever.

If you are hosting a bigger event at home, this is an ideal pick for you as it has more volume and can be easily placed in your home kitchen.

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