Blue Flag 60 L CO2 Exchange Carbonator


Keep the bubbles coming. One SodaStream cylinder makes up to 60L (126 bottles) of sparkling water, and with an easy exchange program, you’ll always be stocked for your favorite beverages.

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  • Use CO2 Carbonator to make carbonated water, without adding any chemicals, healthier and safer
  • Whether at home or outdoors, no need to the power-ups, make sparkling drinks anytime and anywhere, let sparkling drinks accompany your healthy life
  • Each cylinder carbonates up to 60 liters of water, Compatible with Sodastream, Drinkmate, Kitchen Aid, Aarke, and other similar carbonated appliances
  • BLUE FLAG Carbonators are made of lightweight aluminum to exacting standards set forth by the US Department of Transportation. The highest quality standards are maintained to ensure safety and purity of the CO2 refills
  • Please let us know if you meet any problem on our product, we will reply you within 24 hours
Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.88 × 2.63 × 2.5 in

1-Packs, 2-Pcaks, 3-Packs


Now you can have delicious sparkling water at your fingertips without throwing away valuable resources! The Blue Flag 60L CO2 Exchange Carbonator is an environment-friendly way to carbonate your water. It comes with a 60L capacity tank that can be exchanged for a new one anytime. This saves you the hassle of constantly buying new tanks of CO2.

The Carbonator also has a built-in exchange valve that makes it easy to exchange the tanks. Simply open the valve and attach the new tank. The old tank can then be removed and recycled. One carbonating cylinder replaces 120 single-use plastic bottles.

60 L CO2 cylinder
60 L CO2 Exchange Carbonator

Wide Compatibility

The threaded 60L CO2 cartridge is a great way to carbonate your own soda at home! This product has been tested and works with all brands of machines that use this type of gas. You don’t need to decide what flavor or strength because it comes pre-gassed, so turn on those tap filters before adding some water – wait until pressure builds up inside, then enjoy.

The Blue Flag 60L CO2 Exchange Carbonator is compatible with all major soda makers such as Sodastream, Philips, Drinkmate, Aarke, Kitchen Aid, and other similar carbonated appliances. This means you can carbonate any water, including sparkling water, seltzer water, and even soda.

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