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How To Use 8g Cream Chargers?

The process of using the 8g cream charger is pretty easy. Begin by preparing the mixture of milk and heavy cream and pouring it into the dispenser. Take the 8g cream charger, place it in the charger holder and screw it to the dispenser. Shake the dispenser for some time, hold it upside down, and gently press the extraction lever.

Our Inspiring Story!

Blue Flag is the titan of whipped cream dispensing products. Why do we say so? Well, we have an amazing story.

We began in 2017 when the culture of using whipped cream was pretty new, and we decided to intervene and improve it. Today, Blue Flag has numerous whipped cream dispensing products, such as whipped cream chargers, whipped cream chargers NO2 cartridges, and more.

All the products are certified as 100% pure nitrous oxide and comply with the necessary international standards.

Our Mission

Obtain The Best Whipped Cream Dispenser!

Wanna make your housewarming party or any other event memorable?
Get hold of these whipped cream dispensers and their accessories
and offer the best desserts and beverages to your guests.

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blue flag 8g cream chargers

8g N2O Cream Chargers

A Handy Solution to Scrumptious Desserts!

Get instant whipped cream with the compact and highly effective design of the 8g N2O cream charger!

Rust-proof design: The key USP of these cream chargers is their long-lasting rust-proof design.

Easy installation: To get things done, you just have to screw the cream charger to the whipped cream dispenser.

No bad taste: The food-grade design of the cream charger ensures that it does not provide any bad taste.

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580g N2O Cream Cylinders

Handle More In One Go!

With the giant capacity of the 580g N2O cylinder cartridge, you can handle more guests in less time.

Precise dispensing system: The cylinder can be used to dispense the exact amount of whipped cream without any wastage.

Sturdy: The sturdy base of the cylinder allows it to be stable while using, preventing spills and wastage.

More whipped cream: The large size of the cylinder makes it easy for you to get more whipped cream without frequent refills.

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blue flag 580g cream charger


  • What are cream chargers?

    Cream chargers are small canisters of pressurised gas (nitrous oxide, or N2O). When injected into cream, the N2O reacts with the fats, gelatines and other stabilising agents in the cream to create a foam, resulting in whipped cream. Since N2O exists naturally in our atmosphere, this process occurs when whipping cream manually, but the use of cream chargers makes the process much easier.

  • Which model of cream dispenser should I use?

    Blue Flag adopt standard 8-grams cartridge, it’s compatible with most whipper in market, such as iSi North Ameri, Creamright, ICO, Eurkitchen, Best Whip, Whip-it, ZOEMO, Mosa,etc.

  • Can cream chargers be recycled?

    All of the cream chargers sold by Blue Flag are made from steel that is 100% recyclable. We encourage all users of cream chargers to recycle their spent chargers after use, which can be done by placing them alongside everyday steel recyclables such as cans, tins and other items. If everyone who buys cream chargers undertakes this small responsibility, it can make a huge cumulative difference to the environment.

  • How do you use cream chargers?

    Cream chargers must be used in conjunction with a dispenser. First of all, you must open the dispenser and add the ingredients which you wish to whip, then screw the lid back on and ensure it is fitted tightly. Then it’s simply a case of placing a cream charger into the charger holder and screwing it into place on the dispenser, releasing the gas and shaking the dispenser well to ensure it binds with the ingredients. Voila! Your whipped cream is ready to dispense.

  • How much cream can one cream chargers make?

    The Blue Flag Cream Chargers can turn 0.5 liters of whipped cream into a much larger volume than mechanical whipping, with 0.5 liters of cream making 1.5 liters of fluffy whipped cream.

  • Why should you choose Blue Flag N2O chargers?

    Our product has passed HACCP certification. Each cartridge includes 8g of pure food-grade Nitrous Oxide. The charger is cleaned by professional facilities during production to ensure that no greasy residue. You will never worry about the weird taste on the cream.

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